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How & Why We Install Differently Than the Competition – And Why That Matters To You!

Essentially, we take an engineering approach, as specified by the manufacturer, rather than using rules of thumb and shortcuts.

And this boils down to three essential points of difference:

  1. We specify the right equipment to begin with
  2. We make the extra effort to ensure proper airflow and static pressure throughout your system
  3. We balance, verify, and guarantee the performance of the whole system rather than tweaking parts.

Specifying the Right Equipment to Begin With

If the airflow in your ducting (both in your outgoing and return ducts) isn’t efficient, you’ll need a bigger system to maintain sufficient cooling.  So rather than fixing and ensuring proper air flow, the Get-R-Done boys of the HVAC industry will simply spec a bigger unit.

The problem with that is that a bigger unit costs you more money to buy initially and to run.  And running it inefficiently won’t give you even cooling and will generally run with lots of noise.

We specify the proper sized equipment for your home and then ensure it has proper airflow.  But we also always specify and include to very important upgrades for our systems:

  1. Variable speed blowers
  2. Variable capacity compressors

This gives your system the ability to efficiently adjust to the demands of weather and allows your system to avoid frequent stops and starts. It’s like getting energy efficiency and low wear of highway miles vs city miles.  Your system runs smoother and lasts longer.

Ensuring Proper Airflow and Static Pressure Throughout the System

This one is really the biggie, as so much else hinges on it.

The air in your system is supposed to flow at 238 MPH.  And to do that, it needs to be provided with no abrupt narrowing of passageways, no sharp turns of kinds, and proper sizing of the ducting to begin with.  And that’s just for starters.

Most of the time, previous installations ignored all this.  Here are the common (and disastrous) shortcuts we run into:

  • Instead of using a funnel or proper plenum to move from the air handling unit to the duct, they’ll just install a flat plate with a hole in it for the duct and bolt the whole thing to the unit.  We call that Flat Plating, and it can dramatically decrease the efficiency and airflow of your system.
  • Improperly sized ducts.  They’re either too big or too small.  But usually too small.  Either way is no good, but too small is worse.
  • Use of fixed speed vs. variable speed blowers.  Variable speed fans help maintain airflow in varying conditions/demands and can help overcome minor inefficiencies in ducting or increased static pressure.  They solve problems and keep your system running smoothly.  The Get-R-Done boys consider them an upgrade, we consider them a must-have.
  • Not paying attention to the return air ducting.  If your system can’t properly draw air in, it can’t blow cold air out the way it should.  Efficiency suffers.

We balance, verify, and guarantee the performance of the whole system rather than tweaking parts

So what happens when the airflow and ducting isn’t right?  Typically, the Get-R-Done boys will make up for it with a larger unit – OR they’ll use increased refrigerant pressure.

Rather than measuring static air pressure and air flow in the ducting and then fixing the ducting, they’ll just add more refrigerant to your system and have it operate at a higher pressure.  It’s (somewhat) like high-blood pressure in your body making up for clogged arteries.  In both cases it’s a system killer.

The point is, you have to look at the whole system and understand how all the parts interact with each other.  That way you can smooth out the entire system and get it running perfectly.

Nowhere is this more important than when commissioning a new system.  How you set-up and treat a new system determines:

  • Whether the system will ever reach it’s designed performance efficiency (and whether you enjoy the energy savings you paid for)
  • How quietly the system runs, and how well it can keep up with demand on hotter days, parties with lots of people and door opening, etc.
  • Whether you get the full 20 years of trouble-free service from your system or if it breaks down early and often and gets replaced before it’s time.

All these things are why A & P Installs Come With a Lifetime Guarantee and an Efficiency Guarantee and our competitor’s installs don’t.

Call my Sincere Engineers out and you’ll see the difference

When my guys look at the system you have and talk to you about your options for a new system, you’ll know right away that they’re shooting you straight, have knowledge and expertise the Get-R-Done Boys don’t, and are taking an entirely different approach to their craft.

You’ll also notice that their advising you, not pitching you.

So call my Sincere Engineers out and see for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.  I guarantee it.

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