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The Difference Between an Honest Repair and a Sales Pitch

“Can I trust this guy, or is he selling me expensive solutions to problems I don’t really have?”

Every home owner and car owner has had that thought cross their mind at some time or another.  That’s why A & P is where 2nd Opinions are always free.

It’s also why we take an engineering approach to diagnosing problems.  Our Sincere Engineers look at the whole elephant rather than trying to determine everything by just examining a small part, or jumping to conclusions from one symptom.

That way when we, your Sincere Engineer, diagnoses the problem we can show you where it is and explain it to you so that there’s no doubt in your mind he’s giving you the honest truth.

And this approach can also save you money.  Because the jumping-to-conclusion approach usually concludes with the need to replace a major component, while the systems and engineering approach often allows you to fix a much smaller and less expensive part, that’s causing bigger problems downstream.

Example: we had one case where the Get-R-Done Boys told their customer he needed an entire new compresor (or system, which is what they tried to up-sell him on.).

That customer called the Sincere Engineers and we found out it was just the Thermal Expansion Valve.  It was a much cheaper fix and it saved him thousands.

So if you’re looking for someone you can trust, call my Sincere Engineers.  You’ll be glad you did.


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